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How To Convert Flash To HTML5 At Scale
By converting your Flash content to HTML5, you can prevent your content from becoming obsolete. Additionally, creating responsive content via HTML5 provides your audience or customers with a more engaging experience than ever before.
10 eLearning Design Techniques For Improved Learner Engagement
Businesses are adopting eLearning to supplement their training needs. However, before implementing, it is important to understand some eLearning design techniques and best practices to derive maximum benefits.
eLearning For Employee Onboarding: Uncovering The Why And The How
Is employee onboarding giving you sleepless nights? Have you opted for eLearning yet? Here are some compelling reasons you should!
Legacy Courses: Why They Aren’t Enough For Today’s Learners
If your organization has a repository of legacy courses in place, it is time to convert them. Explore 4 reasons to repurpose your legacy courses.
The Increasing Role Of 3D Custom eLearning
With technological advancement, the trend of delivering custom eLearning solutions is rising. 3D model for learning is counted amongst the top-notch technologies for corporate training.
Edge Over Cloud: The Current Enterprise Shift
The current wave of enterprise cloud computing has long been shifting processing off-premise and putting a lot of the same things in a few places, namely huge third-party data centers—many of which may be shared and/or offshore. This is cloud computing.
General Best Practices For Designing eLearning Pages
eLearning courses are different from learning through reading manuals, watching videos, researching on the web or participating in Instructor-Led Training. That means they should be designed differently to help ensure it's a successful part of your training program.
5 Tips For Maximizing Your Learning Content Investment
Stuck in inflexible pages, much of today’s learning material remains trapped in traditional formal vehicles like eLearning courses or presentations. As a result, learning content—and the time and effort that goes into it—is often poorly leveraged. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
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