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How Can Edtech Address Evolving School And Workforce Needs?
The education-to-employment gap can be proactively addressed throughout K–20 education by purposefully designed education technologies.
Transforming Induction At World Vision UK
Michelle Coates has transformed Induction at World Vision UK, creating bespoke videos as part of an engaging blended programme.
Transforming Onboarding At CIWF
The onboarding program at Compassion in World Farming International starts as soon as someone accepts their new job, which might be months before they start work. Patrycja Nykiel and Phillippa Reed explain the impact of this pioneering approach.
New eLearning To Support Charity Staff
The Charity Learning Consortium has added a wide range of new content to its existing eLearning library to support charity staff and volunteers. A new course on career development and new content added to popular courses, such as workplace well-being enhances the eLearning portfolio.
Learning Analytics: Useful Resources
Learning Analytics seems to be the hot topic in L&D in 2019. Practitioners know they need help with this, but if you lack confidence and skill in analytics, where do you start?
How LMSs Are Changing The Way People Do Their Coursework
Learning management software systems are the best course management software, offering different methodologies that can bring a good change and make it easier for learners to learn the information.
How To Empower Frontline Employees With Mobile Training
Frontline employees are the face of your business. Here’s how you can empower frontline employees with mobile training and improve client experiences.
5 Steps For Building A Capability Development Strategy
Business needs and requirements are rapidly evolving, so we've developed a 5 step process for building your own development strategy (with the help of eLearning) that will help you succeed.