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Online Learning Resources from Webinars – Recycle and Reuse!
Content is king in online learning. If you want to go for rapid eLearning, consider repurposing webinars into online learning resources.
eLearning Design Tips: How to Create Learner-centric Training!
eLearning design plays a crucial role in improving learner engagement and performance. Let’s look at 3 learner-centric eLearning design tips!
Learning Analytics in a Nutshell for Beginners - A Webinar
Want to delve into learning analytics and its implications for corporate training? Sign up for our webinar “Learning Analytics 101.
Video Formats For Your Corporate Training Programs
Want to grab your learners’ attention? Try videos! Implement these different video formats in your training programs and see the magic!
Converting Classroom Material to eLearning Simplified!
When converting classroom training material to eLearning, what are the things you need to consider? Can classroom content be used ‘as is’? How can the essence of the classroom be captured and retained? Read on to find out.
eLearning from Classroom Material – All You Need to Know to Get Started
Is your training material ready for eLearning? What are the skillsets required? How can we retain the essence of the classroom and SME inputs in eLearning? This SlideShare has the answers and more insights.
Solution for Workplace Conflict, Bias, & Harassment Training
eLearning is an effective solution for workplace conflict, bias, and harassment training. There are many types of eLearning courses available.
Everything You Need To Know About LMS Integrations
LMS integrations make the eLearning experience better, acting as a bridge between your LMS and external apps. It is key to consider the different types of integrations and complications which may arise.